To add a monitoring Agent resource to your server:

  1. Go the Monitoring Config tab of the Instance Details page and select Add Monitoring.

A catalog with all available services and applications will be displayed. You can select any category you require from this list, as seen below:

  1. Select a plugin then click Configure Metrics. A drawer will slide out from the right to show you the metric options available for the plugin.

At this point, it is important to point out that some Linux agent resources require additional configuration before they are available to be monitored. They may appear greyed out in the metric drawer.

Each plugin has its own configuration options. Those options are discussed individually in Application plugins.

  1. Choose a metric then select Add Metric

In the following step, you have the option to add a metric manually or use Quick Add. Selecting the metrics under Quick Add adds a metric with default parameters. You can edit the parameters anytime.

  1. Select + Metric or any metric under Quick Add.
  1. Configure the following fields:
  • Interface - Select the interface of the server where you want to add the metric.
  • Frequency - Select how often the metric will be collected.
  • Metric Name Override - Enter a metric name to override the autogenerated name. If provided, this will be used in metric configuration, graph legends and alerts. Leave blank to use autogenerated metric names. 
  1. Expand Thresholds & CounterMeasures then select + Add threshold.
  2. Configure the following fields:
  • Generate alert when kilobytes in for the month is - Set the alert threshold such that if that number is greater than, less than, equal, or not equal to a number you specify for an amount of time that you also specify, an alert will trigger.
  • For more than - Specify a time.
  • Using severity - Select a severity (Critical, Warning).
  • Notify with alert timeline - Select the alert timeline.
  • Include in availability calculation - Select if you want to include this alert to your server's availability calculation.
  1. See CounterMeasures if you want to configure CounterMeasures.
  2. (Optional) Select Add threshold to add multiple alerts based on severity for a single check.
  3. Expand Tags then add the tags that you want to use. To add multiple tags, hit Enter. 
  4. When you have the resource configured, select Save. The next time the agent syncs with Panopta's servers (which happens every 2-3 minutes), this check will be up and running.

Since every resource returns their own numbers, it is important to understand which resource you are collecting and what kinds of numbers you should expect. Each of these resources is described in detail on our support page and if you would like to learn more about any one of them you can see the list under Plugins section.