Compound Services

Allow you to connect servers by relationship or cluster so of any % or related services become unavailable, you will only receive one alert. This is also helpful in the case of servers in a cluster, you may not need to know about if one server in a 10 server cluster goes down, but you're going to start to worry when 5 of those 10 become unavailable. To learn how to configure a compound service, click here.

Server Templates

Give you the ability to bulk add checks to similar servers and bulk update should the need arise. You can apply multiple templates to one server, for example, you may have a set template for network checks and another template for monitoring server metrics. You can dictate thresholds, alert schedules, and tags with templates. To learn how to set a server template, read here.

Forcing DNS Updates

Should you update your server's IP addresses, you'll want to flush the DNS we have cached so you don't get any failing checks. Read here to learn how to Force DNS updates before your TTL expires.


We give you the ability to monitor your network devices via SNMP, read here to learn how to set up SNMP monitoring once enabled.