Any outage, even a short one, immediately impacts your business - customers who aren't able to reach your website or email your company will look to your competitors. Checking all of your services every 60 seconds means that we detect even short outages and give you the ability to respond quickly, as well as detecting situations where there are repeated short-duration outages that add up to substantial downtime but might otherwise get missed with less frequent checking.

If you are a service provider using Panopta to validate your service level agreements (SLAs), high check frequencies are critical. If your SLA guarantees 99.9% only allows for just over 10 minutes of downtime per week. If you only check your site once every 10 minutes, any detected outage, even a very short one, will be counted as your quota for downtime for the week. Higher-frequency checks means your availability metrics have a greater resolution and allow you to more accurately represent your SLA performance.

Note, with our system the timing of outage notifications is completely separate from the frequency of checks - if you don't want to be alerted to short-duration outages you can setup your notification schedule so that alerts are only sent after, say, 10 minutes. Each outage, however short, will still be included in daily, weekly and monthly performance reports and availability calculations.