Your maintenance history is a very useful tool, after all you will need to be able to tell the difference between a planned and genuine outage. If you do not already know how to configure maintenance schedules, you may want to read this article. To access your maintenance history click on Monitoring and then “Maintenance Schedule,” then on the new page that opens up select the “Maintenance History” tab.

You can search through your maintenance history based on the server name, or limit you history by start date. You can also use your maintenance history to create new maintenance schedules. Just select the maintenance period you would like to replicate and click the “Copy” button to the right of it. A pop up will open up that will allow you to create a new maintenance schedule based on the old one.

Do not forget about your maintenance history, it is your friend! If a customer asks why you were down at a particular time, you will want to be able to say if it was scheduled maintenance or an unexpected outage.