You can change the configuration of a live Agent by using a Manifest File. If you do not know how our Manifest Files function, then please see this article to learn more. If you are unable find an update_config script with your Agent, you will need to update your version of the Agent to gain access to this feature.

The Manifest File will allow you to change the server name, server group, templates, interface mapping and FQDNs of the Agent. However, it will not allow you to change your server key or your customer key.

Below is a sample Agent manifest file that will change the name and group of the Agent’s server, as well as apply a template to it.

server_name = Dallas Application Server 
templates = 47525
server_group = 9665

You can save this manifest file wherever you like, just be sure to remember the file path. Now you will need to run the update configuration script that comes with the Agent, which uses the manifest file as an argument:

Windows PowerShell

PS C:\Program Files\PanoptaAgent\bin> ./update_config.ps1 "[file path]/Manifest.txt" 


python /usr/bin/panopta-agent/ [file path]/Manifest.txt 

Once you run this script, the Agent’s server’s configuration will update to reflect your changes.