To add a monitoring Agent resource to your server, select the Add Monitoring from the Monitoring Config tab of your server’s Instance Details page.

Each plugin may have its own configuration options which are required. Those options are highlighted in each plugins page which you can find here.

In the configuration drawer of each plugin, you should see a Thresholds & CounterMeasures tab. By clicking on this tab, you can configure notifications for this resource however you like. If you would like multiple thresholds on a single check, you can do so with the + Add Threshold button.

It is not unusual to choose not to be alerted for an Agent resource, but it is important to know how such alerts work if you decide you would like them. Every agent resource returns a number and the alert will be based on that number. You can set the alert threshold such that if that number is greater than, less than, equal, or not equal to a number you specify for an amount of time you also specify, then that will result in an alert. Since every resource returns their own numbers it is important to understand which resource you are collecting and what kinds of numbers you should expect. Whenever you have the resource configured as you want, click Add Metric. After the next time the agent syncs with our servers (which happens every minute) this check will be up and running. Each of these resources is described in detail in Application plugins.