High Availability and Failover Support

If you run a business critical IT infrastructure, you need a monitoring system which you can always rely to be available and online. Our SaaS cloud services and monitoring nodes are designed to withstand individual node failure with automatic failover to provide an always-on experience. If you are using the Panopta OnSight vCollector, you can achieve this same level of high availability and fault tolerance. OnSight vCollectors can be entered into a cluster so that checks are automatically failed over to another OnSight node in the event of a failure. If you have server agents proxying through your OnSight appliance to reach the external network, you can make the server agents aware of the multiple nodes.

In order to utilize the high availability and failover features for the OnSight, you would have to add them into an OnSight group. You can do this by first selecting the OnSight you want to add into that group from the control panel.

From the OnSight vCollector's page, select Edit then expand the OnSight Group module.

Enter a name for the OnSight group. When you do this to two or more appliances, they will automatically use failover for any network checks they are running. This would mean that if an OnSight were set as a monitoring location for a server and it went down, the second OnSight would then take over any network checks that were running on that server if they are within the same OnSight group. You can also use our high availability features for agent checks if you have the OnSight being run as an agent proxy. Instructions to do that can be found here.