Newer OnSights

Newer OnSight images have the password set for the panopta.admin user as the OnSight key.

Under certain scenarios, you may require shell access into the OnSight virtual collector. Login to the vCollector VM is only allowed via SSH keys. Start by visiting the OnSight Web Console. From that page you"ll be able to enter your public key from your local machine. For instructions on how to generate an SSH public key, visit the appropriate section below.

Once the SSH public key has been added to the OnSight, allow a few minutes for that key to be imported and then proceed to login via your SSH client of choice using the username panopta.admin and the IP of the vCollector.

Creating an SSH Key for Windows

Windows requires two programs, PuTTY SSH client and PuTTYgen. These tools can be downloaded here. Under the conversion tab on the PuTTY Key Generator, there is an option to generate a key, and then options to save the public and private key. Ensure that the private key is saved on your computer, only the public key goes into the OnSight SSH console. For more detailed instructions, read along here.

Creating an SSH Key for Linux or MacOS

Unlike Windows, Linux and MacOS do not require a key generator like PuTTY. The SSH public and private key generation can be generated via the command line. Similar to the instructions for Windows, the private key will be stored on your machine, and the public key will be pasted and saved on your OnSight web console. If you'd like some more detailed instructions, please read here.