If you have common patterns in your infrastructure monitoring, Panopta’s templating support can be a powerful option to streamline your configuration and maintain consistency. One complication with templates is being able to capture dynamic elements which will change with each server. Within the options tab for each network service check, you can use dynamic variables to be filled in with specific details which will be dictated by the server’s configuration. The variables will be replaced by the coinciding values upon application of the templates.

Example: the URI options within your Network Service check contains the following – /health-check?s=[[fqdn]]&u=[[username]]&p=[[password]]

There are standard variables relating to the server’s properties which are listed below. Alternatively, you can use our server attribute system to introduce your own custom attributes. Simply use the attribute name in the macro name.

Standard Variables

[[fqdn]] – This field would be replaced with the server’s primary FQDN

[[server_name]] – This field would be replaced with the Server Name

[[server_group]] – This field would be replaced with the Server Group that the server is located in

[[attribute_name]] – This field will be replaced with the value of the attribute referenced. So, if you had an attribute named operating_system, and the value was Ubuntu, you could reference

[[operating_system]] in your check options and it it would be translated to Ubuntu.