You can install the Panopta Agent on a VMWare ESXi host and it will automatically be added to your Panopta account. You can do this by clicking the +Add button at the top of your control panel, and select "Instance (Advanced)".
Warning Important Firewall Note 
Many versions of VMWare by default block outbound HTTPS connections. In order for the agent to connect properly, please enable outbound access on port 443 to A link on how to do this can be found below: 

Manage ESXi Firewall Settings 

Select VMWare ESXi from the Operating System dropdown menu to the left and follow the instructions accordingly.

Once the installer completes, you will find the new VMware ESXi host within your INCOMING INSTANCES group. Default metrics will be automatically added and you can add additional relevant metrics as needed.
Information Script reusability 
This script is generic for your account - you can use it on any new server you'd like to add to Panopta and it will obtain its own distinct key during the installation process