In the event that you cannot run the agent installer as root, you can bypass the native package installers and install the agent as another user on the system.


Important Security Note

We highly recommend creating a new user for the panopta agent so that the permissions are scoped to only require what is needed for the agent, rather than a user which has some sort of elevated permissions. Please consult with Panopta Support for best practices on this

User Creation (to be done as root)

adduser -m -s /bin/bash panopta-agent;
passwd panopta-agent

EJS (Embedded JavaScript)
# redhat/centos only;
yum install python-devel gcc;

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# debian/ubuntu only;
apt-get install python-devel gcc;

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pip install virtualenv

Allow Cron
On some systems, you may have an /etc/cron.allow file which whitelists which users can run crontab. If this exists on your system, add the new panopta-agent user to that file. If it does not exist, skip this step.

Agent Installation

Login to the server as user panopta-agent and then run the following:

wget && tar -xvzf panopta-agent-tarball-latest.tar.gz
cd ~
mkdir etc
vim etc/panopta-agent-manifest

Within that text editor session, add the below line and replace with your own customer key 

customer_key = xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx;

If needed, you can specify any of the other agent install options which are supported in our Agent Manifest File. Then run the following;

cd ~/panopta-agent-2017.22.3/ #replace version number;
python --no-root

This should install the agent and register the server within your control panel account within the incoming directory.