The Panopta Monitoring System is based on a global network of monitoring nodes designed to track the availability of your servers 24 hours a day. This page is updated regularly as new nodes are added or addresses change.

All of our servers are hosted with trusted partners using fully state-of-the art datacenter infrastructure. Our entire monitoring infrastructure is architected to withstand failure of any component. If one monitoring node is inaccessible, checks begin immediately from a alternate node and continue until the original node returns to service so that your servers never go unmonitored. 

IP addresses are listed for each monitoring node for customers that want to either restrict access to only our nodes, or to separate out monitoring traffic from customer traffic in weblogs, etc. Enable the option Panopta Monitoring Network Updates in your Email Preferences to subscribe to our monitoring network announcement list.

Finally, if you are scripting firewall rules, you can hit to get a plaintext version of our latest IP addresses. 

You can see a map and a list of our IP addresses here.