The Panopta platform is built for multi-tenancy at every level. Partners and managed service provider (MSPs) maintain a Master Tenant account which allows them to use Panopta for yourself as well as maintain a single pane of glass view across all your subtenants. With a Master Tenant account, you can do the following:

  • Allow subtenants to log in and manage their own isolated accounts 
  • Easily jump between different customers (subtenants)
  • Programmatically manage customers via the API or manually through the control panel
  • Centrally manage SSO configuration from a Master Tenant account
  • View and create cross-customer dashboards
  • Allow subtenants to use the Master Tenant account's OnSight vCollector

On this page

Multi-tenant account requirements

Maintaining multi-tenant/partner status requires a minimum monthly volume. Contact for more information.

Key benefits

  • Benefit from an actively developed and continually improved infrastructure monitoring solution
  • Fully SaaS - no infrastructure to own or operate
  • Full access to our support team for all escalated issues
  • All-inclusive per node pricing. No additional costs
  • Volume pricing

White labeling and reselling

  • Run the control panel on your own custom domain name with SSL/TLS
  • Customize the look/feel of your control panel with custom CSS and your own logo
  • Customize all outbound email sender addresses and email templates with your own branding

Global infrastructure management

With a Master Tenant account, you can manage several aspects of your subtenants' infrastructure. The account allows you to share templates or monitoring policies, among other things, to your subtenants. You can also query data and build dashboards across any of your subtenant accounts. See the following sections: