With a Master Tenant account, you can query data and build dashboards across any of the subtenant accounts. This is a powerful method to maintain your single pane of glass view across your different customer segments.

In order to start, create a new dashboard and select the Allow dashboard to access sub customer data. This option can only be set on new dashboards and upon initial creation.

At this point, you can follow the same dashboard experience to customize how use the various options. There are three main differences:

Instance filtering
In Multi-tenancy mode, instance filtering is limited to No Filter and Filter by Tag. Filtering by tag will go across all subtenants. This makes it very important to architect and adopt an effective tagging strategy.

Inclusion of customer information
In certain widgets, the Customer Name will be an available field to show in tables and tooltips.

Limited dashboard widgets
Due to the scale/scope of the data being shown across customer accounts, certain dashboard widgets are not available in this mode. The current set of widgets in dashboard mode are:

  • Active Incident Counter
  • Active Incident Details
  • Aggregated Metric
  • Metric Heatmap
  • Metric Summary
  • Resolved Incident Counter
  • Resolved Incident Details
  • Server Heatmap
  • Server Summary

For more details about each widget, please see our Widget Catalog page.