Similar to our server Agent, you can use a manifest file to automatically register new OnSight vCollectors with default settings into your Panopta account. This can be added into your existing provisioning and DevOps automation processes.

The manifest file should be placed in /etc/panopta-onsight-manifest prior to installation using the OnSight Standalone Installer or shortly after the VM boots up if you're using the OnSight Virtual Image Installation

OnSight Manifest File Configuration

The format of the file is as follows:

OnSight manifest file

Properties (.properties files)
name = US East Onsight
customer_key = aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd
server_group = Amazon Infrastructure
appliance_group = 3
alert_timeline = Production Alerts
agent_proxy = enable

Customer_Key: This identifies you with your Panopta account. By setting this value, the agent will automatically add the server to the Panopta control panel. You can find this key in the control panel under "My Account" in the "Settings" drop-down.

Server_Group: This controls which group your OnSight gets added to in the control panel. Any server template(s) that you have set to be applied to this group will be applied to this OnSight as well. The value of the server group is identified by an ID. If you go to a servers group in the control panel you can see that groups ID number at the end of that pages URL.

Appliance_Group: Optional, in case you choose to put your OnSight Appliances in a cluster or HA setup.

Alert_Timeline: Determines which timeline the OnSight heartbeat alarm will use.

Agent_Proxy: Defines whether or not Server Agents in your account will be able to use the OnSight as a proxy for outbound connectivity.