Deploying OnSight™ onto the private segment of your cloud allows you to gain uptime and performance insight on each of the individual nodes and resources in your application stack. This additional insight helps diagnose problems you may encounter and helps you detect issues before they result in downtime or major service degradation. Combining the view of your internal and external infrastructure delivers the complete visibility you require to provide your end-users with the best experience possible.

Network Communication + Encryption

The OnSight™ appliance exclusively communicates with the Panopta cloud via an outbound encrypted (TLS 1.2) connection. It establishes the outbound connection to securely send monitoring data and events back to our SaaS cloud to power all of your reporting, notifications, and dashboards, as well as to download monitoring configuration. No inbound connectivity is required which keeps your private infrastructure unexposed. In addition, if you have servers that do not have outbound internet access, you can install our monitoring agent and configure it to send its data to the OnSight™ appliance instead. The OnSight™ appliance operates as a proxy, enabling server monitoring on your private servers without requiring outbound access.

Automatic Updates

The OnSight virtual appliance automatically applies all critical patches from the Ubuntu core repositories.