Outage simulations are a great way to check that your alerts are set up just as you would like. If you choose to start an outage simulation on a server or a compound service, then Panopta will act as if that server is down. Whoever you have assigned to be notified, will be. The outage will also show up in the control panel but it will not affect your uptime calculations.

Start an outage simulation

To start an outage simulation, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Instance Details page of the instance where you want to start the outage simulation, click the 3-dot menu then select Outage Simulator.
  1. From the modal that appeared, select the service or services that you would like to go down then click Begin Simulation.
    Information Note: If enabled, you can also run CounterMeasures from this modal by clicking Execute CounterMeasures.

When the outage simulator begins it will not actually affect the server itself, however, this will affect the data collection for that server. While the outage itself will be correctly labeled as just a simulation, any actual outages that occur during the simulation will not be recorded. Simply it is best not to forget to turn the simulation off when you are done with it, lest you miss an actual outage.

Instance Details page incident simulation label

Incident Hub incident simulation label

Stop an outage simulation

To stop the outage simulation, perform the following steps: 

  1. Go the Monitoring Config tab of the Instance Details page where you started the outage simulation.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu of the metric with the simulated outage.
  1. Click Stop Simulation.