Upon installation and once an hour thereafter, the Panopta Server Agent performs metadata discovery. On all of our platforms, it will do a check for applications it has in its inventory to see if they've been added. It will also check for new peripherals such as mounted drives and network interfaces. You can also kick-off a metadata scan manually from any server in the control panel.

Manual Metadata Rebuild

To manually rebuild the metadata for a server:
  1. Navigate to the details page of any server with the agent installed.
  2. In the right side of the page, in the Agent Status block, click Rebuild Metadata.

For Linux Agents, you can also rebuild the metadata by entering the following command:

python /usr/bin/panopta-agent/ --rebuild-metadata

The agent will report the results of the discovery in the next 2-3 minutes. This results in a couple things:

  1. Any newly discovered applications will be shown as Discovered in the quick-add section of the Monitoring Configuration table
  2. If you're utilizing templates with recurring application, any new metadata discovered will cause your template to check and see if it has any monitoring to apply