The Server Heatmap widget is used for visualizing the availability of individual servers. Optionally set which metrics to take into account for the availability of the server or leave it blank for all. Cells will remain green if the current status is healthy, otherwise red or orange depending on the severity of an active incident for that server. Hovering over the cell will provide details on that instance. Like most widgets, you can scope the results to specific instances using a variety of filtering options.

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Use case

The Server Heatmap widget is useful when:

  • You want to quickly view the current health of the instances on an instance group.


In this example, the widget shows the status of each instance with the Linux tag. Healthy instances are represented by green blocks. The red block represents an incident on the instance. 



When creating or editing a widget, a drawer that shows the widget's configuration options slides out from the right. Each configurable option is described in the following table.


Field Description
Widget name                                            
Name of the widget as it appears on the dashboard.

This field shows the default name of the widget. Select the pen icon to rename the widget. 
Filter Instance by

Filter instances by the following: 


  • No filter
  • Tags
  • Group
  • Name 

The health of the selected instances will be visualized in the widget.  

The selected metric's status is displayed on the widget. Use the search field to search for specific metrics.
Filter Metrics
You can also use the filters to fine-tune your search results.

  • No filter
  • By tags
  • By option string