The Server Scorecard widget is a compact way of seeing the typical resource utilization metrics for a server row by row for a glance on server health. Like most widgets, you can scope the results to specific infrastructure using several filters.

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Use case

The Server Scorecard widget is useful when:

  • You want to view the status and resource utilization (CPU, memory, and disk) of a group of instances.


In this example, the widget shows the status and resource utilization of each instance. The table is also sorted alphabetically by server name.



When creating or editing a widget, a drawer that shows the widget's configuration options slides out from the right. Each configurable option is described in the following table.


Field Description
Widget name                                            
Name of the widget as it appears on the dashboard.

This field shows the default name of the widget. Select the pen icon to rename the widget. 
Filter Instance by

Filter instances by the following: 


  • No filter
  • Tags
  • Group
  • Name 

The status and resource utilization of the selected instances will be visualized in the widget.  

Data Points

 Configure the sorting of rows by:


  • Server
  • Status
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk