SSH checks allow you to monitor the SSH service either by checking to see if the port is open, or if a session can be established.

Control Panel Configuration

You can add an SSH check by choosing the SSH card in the monitoring catalog.

Check Type

  • SSH Port
  • SSH Session

There are a number of other options to configure with SSH checks, including the IP or FQDN you'll be checking, and from which location you would like the check to run. The check can run from any of our public monitoring nodes, or an OnSight if you have one set up.

You can configure the Alert Timeline in the Thresholds tab and select the number of confirmation checks required to confirm an outage (we suggest keeping the default).

You can also set up thresholds for the check in the Thresholds tab if you want to be alerted if the response time takes longer than X seconds for more than X amount of time.

An SSH Session Check is a little more involved, and includes SSH Options in the Advanced tab, allowing you to select a username and password, and a command to execute after a successful login.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Panopta Support.