If you've configured an SNMP metric to be collected and it's not returning any data, it could be related to one of the following issues:

  1. The SNMP credentials are incorrect
  2. The network device is not reachable from the OnSight vCollector
  3. The OID you are entering may not exist on the device you are querying

In order to identify which problem it is, we recommend running an SNMP walk with all the parameters while logged into the OnSight vCollector itself. If any of the required OID's which are returned from the walk don't exist in your Panopta dashboard, our support team can import additional MIB's as well.

The command needs to be run from the OnSight set up in your account, which you'll need to SSH into. If you haven't set up SSH access, read this document to access the web console. Then follow these instructions for setting up SSH access.

The command for SNMP walk is:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c [SNMP credential] [IP of device] [OID]

If you do not get any output, or if the output looks like the image below. Try running the SNMP walk without the OID specified.

A successful SNMP walk output should look like the image below.

Once you have established that you have the correct SNMP credentials, ensure that the metrics present are the ones you're looking for. If not, you may need to reach out to your network device provider and request access to the proprietary MIBS.

If you cannot get a successful SNMP walk, please reach out to Panopta Support.