The Up/Down widget is a clear visual indicator of the current availability of a specific service or metric. This is commonly used to display whether a critical service is up or down. The last outage/incident involving this check/metric will be displayed below the metric label.

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Use case

The Up/Down widget is useful when:

  • You want to display the current status of a critical service or metric.


Service is up

In this example, the widget shows an Up arrow indicating that the SSH port is reachable.


Service is down

A red down arrow indicates that there is an incident on the service. Selecting the Incident ID will open the incident on a new tab.


When creating or editing a widget, a drawer that shows the widget's configuration options slides out from the right. Each configurable option is described in the following table.


Field Description
Widget name                                            
Name of the widget as it appears on the dashboard.

This field shows the default name of the widget. Select the pen icon to rename the widget. 
Select the service or metric that you want to display on the widget.